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Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks

Discover high-quality Kitchen Sinks at Loriano.eu. Our range of Kitchen Sinks offers durability and style for your home. Upgrade your kitchen with our premium Kitchen Sinks today.

Need a kitchen sink?

Are you looking for a single sink, then you've come to the right place. We supply all different sizes of kitchen sinks. You can place a sink under the worktop/countertop, in the worktop, top-mounted and fully-mounted. This is called under-mounted, flush-mounted and top-mounted. The most common material for a sink in the kitchen is a stainless steel sink. The other sink materials are granite, plastic and ceramic. Processing an under-mount stainless steel sink under a worktop is done with acid-free silicone sealant. Flush-mounted and top-mounted sinks are installed by means of clamps fixed to the countertop.

The choice of the sink is partly determined by the choice of the worktop. It is not possible to process every sink in every worktop. The sink can be built in in five ways: flush (built-in), built-in, flush-mounted, top-mounted, under-mount and free-standing.


A flush-mount sink is mounted flush into the worktop and the edge of the flush-mount sink unit forms a whole with the worktop. The worktop and the edge of the sink merge seamlessly, making the worktop easy to clean. The top of the sink unit is flush with the top of the worktop and has the advantage of being hygienic and sleek. Flush-mounted sink units are mainly built into HPL plywood, granite, wood or composite materials. We have a wide and diverse program of flush-mount sinks.


Flat-mounting is a built-in method in which a flush-mount sink unit is placed as a top-mounted sink unit. The flat edge of the sink unit rests on the worktop.


Under-mount sinks are mounted below or halfway the level of the worktop. This increases the usable surface of the worktop. This installation method is mainly used for granite, wood and solid plastic worktops. Because the substructure sink unit is placed below the level of the worktop, the worktop is easy to clean.


Top-mounted sinks are mounted on the worktop. The edge of the sink unit rests on the worktop. A top-mounted sink unit is generally used on plastic worktops with chipboard as carrier material. Reginox has an extensive program of high-quality top-mounted sinks. A closable band is placed under the flange of the top-mounted sink unit, so that no water enters under the flange of the top-mounted sink unit and the water falls into the kitchen cabinet.


Freestanding sinks are often placed between kitchen cabinets. A good example are the rural sinks.